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Product details for "ASICS Womens Frequent Trail Running Shoes"

Feature of "ASICS Womens Frequent Trail Running Shoes"

  • Manmade
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately LowTop from arch
  • Synthetic Leather and Mesh Upper Lightweight comfortable and breathable enhancing performance and fit
  • Reinforced Toe Cap
  • Trail Specific Outsole Reversed lugs provide uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain

I wear other styles of Asics for other aspects of life so it was easy to pick the correct sizeIm on my feet for 10 hours per day usually on cement I love their running shoes so much that I bought these for work The arch is great for me and they have enough ventilation to keep my feet dry I live in Wisconsin and it has been pretty slippery lately but these suckers grip really well Theyre also really light weightIve beaten the crap out of them but they still look like new Every few weeks I throw them in my wash machine and let them air dry

I love ASICS neutral running shoesthey are all I will buy I can wear other types of ASICS for style but dont find them quite as comfortable I ordered a 7 12my normal size They fit okay but seemed a bit narrow for an ASICS shoe But what I really disliked about them was the insole The insole was very flat and had no arch support Id expect less arch support because its designed to be lower profile on trail terrain which is why I bought it I attempted to take the insole out and put in my own but its glued in I fit my own in on top but this made the shoe even more narrow All in all not representative of an ASICS fit I googled the shoe and see that ASICS is no longer manufacturing it

I opted for the Asics shoe because I have had many other Asics workoutrunning shoes in the past and have loved them This shoe is NOTHING like the others It is incredibly stiff to the point it is difficult to get the shoe on and off and feels horrible to walkhike in I thought they may loosen up but I wore them for one outing and cant bring myself to put them back on I didnt try them on and walk around a bit when I got them as I assumed they would fitfeel similar to my other AsicsWRONG If I could return them I would but I will probably just give them to a thrift store Disappointed

So for reference I have been running an average of 47 miles 23 times a week I also walk an average of 68 miles a day at work I have not had hip injuries in the past but I do have arthritis in my lower backI purchased these as I was in need of new trail shoes I bought them without trying because I know how well rated the ASICS brand is my husband loves his venture 5s though these were my first I wore them for the first time on the same day i had a corporate 5k12 miles into the run I had severe pain running from my hip to my knee and what felt like shin splints and severe pain in my foot dorsal I was not about to stop as a fitness ambassador for the resort so I kept running By 2 miles in I was limping every time I slowed and had severe pain all the way down my leg By 25 miles I could barely walk and my limp was pronouncedI went to a fitness conference and took my old reliable onrun shoes with me I walked around a major city completed a 5k climbed 46 flights of stairs and ran a mile and did a group workout in those shoes I had minimal pain only residual injuryI knew these shoes needed a break so I put the ASICS back on thinking my issues had been in relation to low potassium God was I wrong I couldnt make it 3 hours without severe pain in my left leg and it got worse every step I quickly changed into my companys gear lending shoes and felt instant relief My hip pain was 70 better 1 hour into wearing this alternate shoe

I have several dogs that I walk miles a day I go through shoes rapidly These are the best brand Ive found Since I was a child Ive had a problem getting my shoes worn in without sores blisters This is my second pair of ASICCS Both have had no problem during the break in period They are very comfortable And the last longer than any other brand Ive tried And Ive tried all the big name brands

Great for 35 shoes That night shade purple is a nice color and wearing these makes me feel super fresh I was looking for some shoes that were darker for when I go running so they look good longer Youd be surprised how many trail shoes are white or light gray on the bottomIve bought Asics before so I knew the size 8 would fit me just right I can vouch for the brand seeing as my old lightly used Asics pictured are still good albeit quite dirty after 1 yrs Im keeping them for rainy daysSomething important to point out is that these new ones do seem less cushioned and more lightweight than the other Asics style I bought before I really dont mind since it also makes them less clunky and hot And despite having less bulk so far I havent had any comfort issues with the new ones

I got this to try a more supportive shoe that was between a hiking boot and a regular gym shoe Its definitely the best gym shoe Ive had in years Very supportive and comfortable They only had regular widths which was a little narrower than I expected It fits but Im a little concerned that it may come apart more quickly due to having wide feet which has caused this issue in other brands The standard insert for this shoe does not meet the needs I have with different foot issues so I use my own insert Adding this made it nearly perfect If they had a wide version of this I know what Id be purchasing for the rest of my life

I was kind of disappointed with these Asics The shoes fit my feet comfortably and are very sturdy maybe a little too sturdy They are very stiff They are probably good for trail hiking at a slower pace but I wore them on a brisk 2 mile walk and ended up with a nickel sized blister on one of my heals I am hoping I can break them in but I wont be wearing them to workout again

The Toe and Heel are too long give too much play while the InstepArch are WAY too tight I checked 3 times to make sure this shoe was not a Narrow and the right size too but it was The shoe is basically a blistermaker I had an inch sized blister on both feet before the end of the 1st mile walk If you absolutely must buy try sizing down half a size and up your width

I bought these for hiking on our vacation We dont leave for another month so I will comeBack and review how they are on the hikes But I have been wearing them to run in the park to break them in They fit moreNarrow than my typical ASICS but they are still comfortable I have to wear tallerThicker ankle socks other wise they rub and I get a blister but theyre very supportive around the ankle which will be great for hikes

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