Dark Matter (inner space)

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Dark Matter (inner space)

The fifth Jonesy album "Dark Matter (inner space)" has now been released! A special edition is available for purchase below, signed by Gypsy Jones with a personalised hand written message (autographed copy available only via the official Jonesy website).




It’s very early days for the new album but the initial feedback has been fantastic! Below is a review from Dave Shoesmith of CDS

Many thanks, Dave!
Gypsy Jones

JONESY: DARK MATTER (inner space): 2011 return album and it’s FLOYD with Mellotrons! / 8-Page Booklet with Lyrics & Artwork.

JONESY make a surprise 2011 return with a brand new album that is going to blow you away in more ways than one.

‘DARK MATTER [inner space]’ is a concept album and one that features music of different extremes! I think the band have captured the “Inner Space” thing extremely well, but there so much going on that it needs several plays to get to grips with. One minute it’s in the ethereal Mellotron sounds of ‘Threshold of a Dream’ period MOODY BLUES and at others it’s ‘The Wall’ period PINK FLOYD at it’s most manic!

‘Parallel Universe – The Void’ opens the album with a rolling piano over a deep atmospheric synth backdrop, then after a salvo of effects and samples, a Mellotron and string synths leads us straight into a passage of play that immediately made me think of the intro to PINK FLOYD’s ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, as it has that same ethereal symphonic build-up before cross-fading into:.

‘Parallel Universe – There’s Someone In Here!’ with split vocal, acoustic guitar and Mellotron flute backing, and as the track slowly develops, intricate bass lines are added. New dynamic layers and huge wadges of Mellotron strings are added with other effects, and as the track enters its final three minutes up came the goose bumps – FLOYD freaks and mental Mellotron fans are really going to love this track I can tell you!

‘Silently Screaming’, is a track where there’s a lot going on with a story being told over this mass of musical dynamics. The echoed vocals are initially sung over piano and keyboards, with Mellotron layers being added and taken away at different intervals. Powerful drum sounds and percussion add further drama then the track drives on to a close in a hail of majestic synths and massed crowd noise, finally closing to the sounds of Police sirens and a helicopter flying low over the stereo image.

‘Coldblood – To Sleep, Perchance To Dream?’ is simply A-M-A-ZING . It has a melodic, haunting, Gilmour-esque steel-guitar that echoes and floats over an ethereal backdrop of soft rolling waves and synthesizers, ending with a huge clap of thunder and leading into:

‘Coldblood – The Nightmare: Welcome To The Land Of Lizard’ where all hell lets loose. An effects-ridden storyteller relates a tale before a glorious passage of Mellotron textures and haunting choral voices, with plodding drums slowly driving the piece along. It then moves into a territory of sounds that took me right back to the MOODY BLUES: ‘Threshold of a Dream’ instrumental passages. The manic voices and massive early KING CRIMSON-esque sounding production explodes then fades to the sound of female voices and soft keyboard atmospherics before sliding down a vortex into the next track.

‘Maybe We’re All Madmen?’ is a slowly plodding, almost anthemic, driving track that builds slowly using patches of Mellotron that comes and goes until the final two minutes where a deep and dirty, thrusting electric guitar emerges to accompany the echoed vocal towards closure. A strange spiralling sound leads into the title track.

‘Dark Matter’, initially, has the feel of a seaside fairground with its vamped Mellotron chords and merry-go-round keyboard melodies, then at the half-way mark in enters a passage of atmospheric FLOYD-like spacey sounds and effects that take you on a fairground ride that’s like no other – straight out of your head man !

‘DARK MATTER (inner space)’ This CD is very different from most other Prog titles around right now and herein lays the potential of this album – something to get your teeth into!

Dave Shoesmith, CDS.

  by Gypsy Jones on 2011-08-11 14:31:25 (id 25)



The new album is finally on release via the website. Price is £12.50 plus £2.50 postage and packing (GBP) to all territories.

  by Jonesy on 2011-07-13 14:02:39 (id 24)

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Released 2011