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Sweaty Betty

(left to right)
TREVOR: lead vocals and bass
TIM JOYCE: guitars

Back in Australia Trevor got together with guitarist Peter (Hutch) Hutchison to form ‘Sweaty Betty’, a band which managed to run seriously foul of the establishment of the time.

Despite their problems with the authorities ‘Sweaty Betty’ was very successful but, sadly, short lived.

Trevor remembers: It was fantastic working in Sweaty Betty and I was particularly close to Hutch, an enormously exciting guitarist and completely dedicated. On the one hand I wanted to stay in Australia (a country I still love) and I tried hard to persuade John to join Sweaty Betty. He, on the other hand, tried hard to persuade me to come to London to be the lead singer and bass player of "a band he was putting together". He can be a very persuasive person and so I flew to London even though Sweaty Betty was in the local top 10. Sadly the band turned out to be no more than John and Terry (the former drummer of Mickey Finn). There was no management deal nor record deal! I was deeply disappointed - to have left Sweaty Betty for this pipe-dream was a great shame.

Some of many newspaper clippings featuring Sweaty Betty's run-ins with the establishment. Sweaty Betty:
HUTCH: Guitar
TREVOR: Lead vocals, Bass
HELEN JONES: keyboards
(picture to be replaced to include Helen)

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