Jonesy 1972 - No Alternative

The new members were David Paull (vocals and bass) and Jim Payne (drums). This was the band that recorded the first album.

Track 1: No Alternative - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 2: Heaven - Lead vocal: John
Track 3: Mind of the Century - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 4: 1958 - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 5: Pollution - Lead vocal: David Paull
Track 6: Ricochet - Lead vocal: John
Producer: John Evan-Jones

It was an exciting line-up but the tensions remained. Following friction between David and Jim on the one hand and John on the other, David and Jim were replaced by Richard "Plug" Thomas (drums) and Nick Greenwood (vocals and bass). Meanwhile, Trevor and Charlie Charles were making silly money working as musicians in a strip-joint in Soho. Just before Christmas, the guitarist and keyboard player left, and Trevor asked John and Jamie if they'd like to make some very good money for 3 weeks work. They agreed and the four musicians really enjoyed working with each other.

There were still arguments happening in Jonesy between John and Nick. John asked Trevor to rejoin the band.

Trevor remembers: "At first I was not convinced that this was a good idea. Working with Charlie Charles was easy there was no stress, just good musicianship. I was aware of the political, tensions within the band and wasn't immediately attracted to re-joining Jonesy. On the other hand, it was extremely tempting to continue the concept I had originated. What finally made up my mind was the fact that Alan Bown was joining the band. Id long been a fan of the Alan Bown Set and loved his whole stage persona. Also, when I met him I discovered that he was the same off-stage. So I re-joined Jonesy. If I remember right, John and I had a punch-up on one of the very first gigs of the new lineup! I think this really freaked out the rest of the band"

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