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Mickey Finn

Out of the ashes of Chaos & Co came a new band, Mickey Finn. The band had not been going long before John was "invited" by the Australian government to spend a year in Vietnam. Very sensibly, he decided to return to England. The band continued as a 3-piece for a while but then like many Aussie bands at that time, Mickey Finn decided to spend a year in London but Trevor, in particular, had mixed feelings about their experiences.

‘ The weather seemed really miserable after Australia! It was incredibly exciting in London at that time but seriously difficult to pay the bills. It seemed as if every band on the whole planet had made the pilgrimage to what was then the rock capital of the universe! Nonetheless it was great fun and I was able to explore lots of new ideas but, after 12 months, I yearned for the sun and travelled back to Australia.’

Pic of Mickey Finn first line up ( from left.-right.)
"MOUSE": drums
GARY THORPE: bass, vocal harmonies
TREVOR: lead vocals, rhythm guitar and keyboards
JOHN: lead guitar, vocal harmonies

The Mickey Finn 3-piece line up Letter regarding performance and prize money for being voted "most popular band in Tasmania" by radio listeners

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