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Jonesy - Keeping Up

The new line-up of Jonesy went into the studio to record the second album "Keeping Up".

JOHN: Guitar, backing vocals
TREVOR: Lead vocals, bass
JAMIE KALETH: Lead vocals, keyboard
ALAN BOWN: Electric horns
RICHARD "PLUG" THOMAS: Drums and percussion
RAY RUSSELL: String arrangements

Track 1: Masquerade - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 2: Sunset and Evening Star - Lead vocal: Trevor (Gypsy)
Track 3: Preview - Instrumental
Track 4: Questions and Answers - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 5: Critique* - Lead vocal: Trevor (Gypsy)
Track 6: Duet - Instrumental
Track 7: Song - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 8: Children of the Future - Lead vocal: Trevor (Gypsy)
Producer: John Evan-Jones and Jonesy

*Two versions of this track were recorded - the first version, with the whole band and John singing lead vocals was discarded, although Trevor still has a copy which may be added to the site at a later date. The second version with Trevor singing lead vocals against John's freaky guitar chords was released.

This album received very favourable reviews and the band toured England and Europe to promote it. After recording "Keeping Up" the band changed management from Eddie Kennedy to Wilf Pine (Worldwide Music) who also managed Black Sabbath, Tony McPhee and the Groundhogs, Jimmy Helms and others. Wilf had very clear ideas on how he wanted the band to sound and brought in Rupert Hine to produce the third album "Growing".

Image right: Marquee advert when Jonesy were on tour.
Image below: Jonesy at number 18

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