The History Behind Jonesy

Like other British progressive rock bands, Jonesy is about pushing songs beyond the 3 minute confine (a format established 100 years ago as a result of the limitations of early technology – at that time it wasn't possible to produce longer recordings).

Underlying the history of Jonesy has been the turbulent relationship between two brothers: Trevor (Gypsy) and John Evan-Jones who started playing music together at a very early age. Initially they were taught music by their grandfather who was a Salvation Army bandmaster – Trevor played cornet, John played trombone. Trevor, four years the senior, first taught himself to play banjo and guitar and then taught John.

The Early Years

The early years of Trevor Jones, and John Evan-Jones.

Chaos and Co

The brother's first major band.

Mickey Finn

Formed after bust up in Chaos and Co, but the band wasnt to last very long.

Sweaty Betty

A very succesful but unfortunately short lived band which had many run-ins with the law.

Anno Domini

An electro-acoustic band that recorded two albums but released only one - "On This New Day"


Formed in 1971 by Trevor 'Gypsy' Jones, Bernard Hagley, Terry Cutting and John Evan-Jones the band has produced 5 albums in total.

The first line-up (1971) [Click Here]
No Alternative (1972) [Click Here]
Keeping Up (1972) [Click Here]
Growing (1973) [Click Here]
Sudden Prayers Make God Jump (1973/2006) [Click Here]
Dark Matter (2011) [Click Here]