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Jonesy - Growing

Rupert Hine, a very talented producer, found himself with the impossible task of producing a very high-energy team handicapped by political undercurrents. Trevor remembers:

Trevor recalls: "Everyone involved had to make so many compromises I'm sure that nobody really felt happy with the album. Personally I very much enjoy the strengths but I have to confess that the weaker bits make me cringe! It left me very determined that the next album (Sudden Prayers Make God Jump) would be totally without compromise. I sat down to write new ideas, seriously motivated to recording the next album."

TREVOR (GYPSY): Lead vocals, bass
JAMIE KALETH: Lead vocals, keyboards
JOHN: Guitars, backing vocals
ALAN BOWN: Electric horns
PLUG THOMAS: Drums, percussion, backing vocals
BERNIE HAGLEY: Electric saxes
KEN ELLIOT: Ssynthesisers
MAURICE PERT: Percussion
TONY TAVERNER: Recording engineer

Despite the bands reservations, the third album "Growing" was released to great critical acclaim and in 1974 received the Montreux Diamond Award as the top rock/pop album of the year beating artists such as Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, King Crimson and others.

Track 1: Can You Get That Together - Lead vocal: Trevor (Gypsy)
Track 2: Waltz For Yesterday - Lead vocals: Jamie and Trevor (Gypsy)
Track 3: Know Who Your Friends Are - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 4: Growing - Lead vocal: Trevor (Gypsy)
Track 5: Hard Road - Lead vocal: Jamie Kaleth
Track 6: Jonesy - Instrumental (recorded after the road-crew had brewed up some very strange tea)
Producer: Rupert Hine
All songs written and composed by Jonesy

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