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Anno Domini

(from left to right)
DAVID MERCER: vocals, guitar
KERRY SCOTT: vocals, guitar, percussion
JOHN: vocals, guitar
TREVOR: vocals, bass

Although John's idea of reforming Mickey Finn had been a non-starter, not all was lost and an exciting development lurked around the corner. In London John had been working with Eddie Kennedy, a successful rock manager (Taste, Anno Domini, Rory Gallagher, Stud etc.) who he met while playing guitar for Jake Holmes. When Trevor arrived, Eddie introduced him to Kerry Scott and David Mercer of Anno Domini who, coincidentally, were looking for a new guitarist and bass player. John and Trevor joined A.D. and subsequently released an album ‘On this new day’ (Deram).

Right: On This New Day, album cover.

Trevor recalls: ‘‘A.D. was a great band and Merce and Scotty quickly became good friends (Merce still is but Scotty, tragically, was killed in a car crash in Dallas Texas). However, as an electro-acoustic band, it very different to Sweaty Betty which had been very much a progressive rock/hard rock band. I missed this music so I started jamming with two friends – Bernie Hagley (sax and flute) and Terry Cutting (drums). Meanwhile, John was working on his own album (Collage). At first John wasn't interested in the prog rock of Jonesy but his solo album didn't really take off and then A.D. split up. At this point he joined the three of us to complete the first lineup of Jonesy."

Interesting Footnote: 10 years after A.D. split up, Merce, Scotty and Trevor went
back into the studio and recorded an E.P. which was released under the name
Kerry Scott (who sang lead on all the songs).


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